Motor industry analysis for September 2012

car-industry.jpgRead the September 2012 edition of the Auto Team Australia VFacts report

This monthly bulletin reports the results of the motor industry in Australia and provides valuable insights into its inner workings. For the most accurate and up to date vehicle data, get VFacts straight to your inbox each month.


Negative gearing strategy straight from the textbook

negative_gearing_strategy.jpgUtilise this tax efficient plan to reap the benefits

Negative gearing has always been hot topic in the property market, giving people an incentive to borrow money to buy property with a vision to be more financially independent later in life.

But this strategy isn't pinned down to property, it can be used for any income generating assets, whether they are shares, rental properties or financial instruments, ultimately reducing the tax you have to pay.

In depth: ground rules for compliance

ground_rules_for_compliance.jpgATO places scrutiny on SME'S wealthy individuals

The Australian Tax Office has released another online compliance guide, this time targeting wealthy individuals and SME's, Small-to-medium enterprises and wealthy individuals: Our compliance approach, setting out in detail the major risk factors and ways to avoid them. As the front line players in our national economy, SME's and wealthy individuals have a crucial role to play as the largest revenue spilling group in our system contributing more than a quarter of all revenue collected from the ATO last financial year.

Top notch motor industry reporting

vintage-car-battery-charger.jpgDownload the August VFacts report from expert consultancy, Auto Team Australia Pty Ltd

The August edition of the VFacts report is now available. Offering a snapshot into the operating statistics of the Australian motor industry, this monthly report also provides commentary on emerging trends and industry highlights. The September edition will be here shortly, so watch this space.

Loss carry back to inject life into small business

windmill.jpgNew tax scheme to assist struggling business

Under a major government tax reform, the loss carry back initiative will allow companies to carry back losses to offset prior year profits, providing a cash flow injection to invest in new ideas, markets and technology in what has been described as a ‘patchwork' Australian economy.                                            

Targeted to benefit small business, companies from 1 July 2012 can carry back up to $1 million worth of losses to get a refund of tax paid in the previous year.

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